05 File Folders:  



This range of Products is beautiful and sturdy as is made from Handmade Paper file boards of 540 gsm. 

The sizes of the File Folders are 14” x 9” and with a pocket inside. On the outside are nice Tissue Flowers & of net material. The file folder is kept secure by a combination of Button with Velcro or with magnetic attachments. Further, the front of the file folder can be decorated with Stained Glass painting, as well.

  06 Gift Wrapping Paper Set:  

The Gift Wrapping Papers are of the size 22” x 30” and range from 90 to 150 gsm. These are exclusive – with screen print design – and with matching Gift Tags wrapped as a roll in a transparent cellophane sheet.

  07 Telephone Index Diary:  

Another multi-utility Product – which can be an ideal gift to give and also an ideal gift to receive. This has a Handmade Paper cover with Stained Glass Design.




08 Fancy Note Pad Holder:


It is a utility Product from the House of Bk’S  k r e a t i o n s  to jot down trivia and important points to recollect later when required.



09 Personalized Gift Items:

This could be to your design & specifications with your Company / Individual logo / name/s / address details - personalized in every way possible. Your suggestions are more than WELCOME.

10 Gift Boxes:

If you need GIFT BOXES, any of your ideas are WELCOME, which will be converted to reality by the  Bk’S  k r e a t i o n s  – TEAM.  The only requirement is that the quantity has to be substantial.


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