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Bk�S  k r e a t i o n s  is a Company and is inspired by Mrs. Bhavana Kothari, the Promoter & Director of this beautiful concept. HANDMADE PAPER is the eco-friendly media that has been used extensively by Bk�S  k r e a t i o n s in its wide range of exquisite Products � with a touch of class. 

The wide range of Quality Products made exclusively from HANDMADE PAPER include the Shopping Bags; Fancy Carry Bags; Wine Bags; Designer Gift Envelopes; File Folders; Gift Wrapping Paper sets; Telephone Index Diary; Fancy Note Pad Holder; Pen Stand; Personalized Gift Items; Gift Boxes; and much more.

HANDMADE PAPER is purely eco-friendly as not a single tree has been cut to manufacture this Paper, but has been made from Cotton Rags / Waste in totality. Hence, the flexibility & texture of this unique Paper is simply unique. You are doing a great service to our fragile environment and the Eco-system � by using this exquisite HANDMADE PAPER.

Mrs. Bhavana Kothari & her inspired dedicated team strives for utmost customer satisfaction � giving full value for money to each of its valued clientele � big or small. Each of the Product of Bk�S k r e a t i o n s is so meticulously made by Mrs. Bhavana Kothari & her team � that each of them is a connoisseurs delight. You would like to retain that piece of ART forever. Each of the exquisite Handmade Paper Art-value Product of Bk�S k r e a t i o n s is inspired by a distinct thought-process from across the globe. Bk�S k r e a t i o n s came into existence in 2003 and is making its mark since then in various art-enriched Boutiques & Exhibitions in Mumbai; Mumbai & other cities of India. 




 KOTHARI GROUP OF INDUSTRIES � with about SIX independent Companies � all deeply entrenched in the area of PAPER; PAPER PRINTING & manufacture of STATIONERY. This range of Products include various Products like Account Books; Diaries; Envelopes; Files; and others.


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